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    At NG WELFARE we give hope
    23 March 2016

    We are extremely excited about our first e-newsletter to all our friends. If you receive this newsletter today, it means you are on the list of NG Welfare friends at one of our 27 branches, be it a family care office, home for the elderly or child and youth care centre. We will be sending an email loaded news quarterly, with video inserts as well as news and anecdotes of what happens at branches, as well as where you as a friend of NG Welfare can become even more involved to touch lives.

    At NG Welfare we bring hope to people in need.

    Our offices and facilities are centres of hope. We work in most towns in the North West Province and South West Gauteng. We are also a registered Child Protection Organisation; hence our Social Workers may intervene to get children protected by means of the Children’s Court.

    This is how we make a difference in the lives of children that no longer have parents, that are seriously neglected or abused and urgently need to be helped.

    Through NG Welfare we help healing with support and therapy.

    Foster parents become angels in the lives of these children or one of our Children’s Homes becomes a safe haven of hope. NG Welfare brings relief for older persons. We provide safe housing for retired persons and care to weakened elderly persons.

    Thank you ever so much to each one of you who is a friend or volunteer at one of our branches. Thank you that you form part of us. Thank you for your support, your financial contribution and your prayers. You are part of each plate of food we give; each child we protect and each life we change.

    NG Welfare greetings!

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