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    I wanted to tell my mother but he threatened to beat me up…
    27 April 2017

    'Sarah's father would get drunk and sexually assault her. 'I wanted to wanted to tell my mother but he threatened to beat me up.' This slim 12 year old girl came to the attention of the Social Worker at NG Welfare when the school teacher came to the offices of NG Welfare stating the child has confided in her about the sexual molestation. The abuse has been happening for quite a while but no intervention has been done.

    After *Sarah confessed, a case was opened against the father and he was arrested. She was medically assessed and it was indeed proved that she has been sexually molested. The Social Worker immediately removed the child and placed her in a place of safety. While the worker conducted investigations, the father was released as the police officials stated that the father denied the allegations.

    While conducting home visits at the child’s home, the social worker discovered that there was another child a 10 year old girl in the home who had Down syndrome and she was severely neglected. In conducting further investigations it was discovered that this 10 year old was also sexually molested by her father but because it is something that happened long ago then it was not proven. Regardless of this, due to the severe neglect and the history of sexual molestation, the Social Worker removed her child and placed her with her sister in a place of care. Now the siblings are having a normal life, they are happy together and well taken care of.

    *Sarah is a pseudonym

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