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    Time to say goodbye
    23 March 2016

    Schalk Hoon, manager at the Klerksdorp Home, will be going on pension at the end of this month. He greets with the following message:

    “During July 2008 I saw a small advertisement in Rapport that read: “Manager for the Home for the Aged in Wolmaransstad.” As a pensioned bank manager I applied and was invited for an interview in Wolmaransstad. A few weeks later, on 18/8/2008, I reported as manager. It is now 7 and a half years later in the service of HG Welfare and what an experience this was! After approximately 4 years in Wolmaransstad I was transferred to Klerksdorp, where I will retire after three and a half years at the end of March 2016.

    What a privilege this was to brush shoulders with the elderly from every sphere of life. During the period in which I worked in Wolmaransstad, I resided in the home during the week and only went home during the weekends. I came to know the residents closely and they became like own family. I departed from Wolmaransstad with a heavy heart...not only from the home, but also from the community. The last 3 years in Klerksdorp was an experience of its own – not as intense as in Wollies, but with each older person I tried to forge a special link. What especially made it interesting is that each elderly person had his/her own personality. There are the loving ones, the headstrong ones, the peacemakers, those that found fault with everything and those that were satisfied with everything. It was a near 8 years and I will not want to exchange it for anything whatsoever. Be assured the each of my colleagues were very special.

    I will now retire in Somerset West in the Western Cape: jog, cycle, hike, drink red wine and socialise with my grandchildren. I greet you until we meet again.”

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