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    National Tekkie Tax Day is on FRIDAY, 26 MAY 2017

    Tekkie Tax is a national fundraising campaign for a proud group of welfare organisations in SA, who came together for the biggest campaign of all time. We believe that:'Together we can achieve more than our individual efforts combined.'

    How to participate

    Choose your sticker.

    There are five different sectors to choose from. Decide which one lies closest to your heart.
    Get a pair or our funky Tekkie Tag shoelaces.
    Dress up or down on Friday, 27 May 2016 but be sure to wear your sticker and your tekkies wi ...

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    'Sarah's father would get drunk and sexually assault her. 'I wanted to wanted to tell my mother but he threatened to beat me up.' This slim 12 year old girl came to the attention of the Social Worker at NG Welfare when the school teacher came to the offices of NG Welfare stating the child has confided in her about the sexual molestation. The abuse has been happening for quite a while but no intervention has been done.

    After *Sarah confessed, a case was opened against the father and he was arrested. She was medically assessed and it was indeed proved that she has been sexually moleste ...

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    'Aunty, how old do I have to be before I can leave the children’s home and see my mommy and daddy again?' The moment when one of the children asked me: was to me, one of the most difficult questions I have ever needed to answer. How does one, at that stage, comfort a child who is struggling with so much fear and anxiety with the question as to whether he will ever again see his parents?

    During Augustus 2016 members of the community asked NG WELFARE to investigate a family about whom they all felt concerned. In the process seven (7) children were removed from those two parents. As a ...

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    'Tannie, hoe oud moet ek wees voor ek uit die kinderhuis mag kom en weer vir mamma en pappa sien?' Daardie oomblik toe een van die kinders vir my vra: was vir my een van die swaarste vrae wat ek nog ooit moes beantwoord. Hoe stel ʼn mens ʼn kind, wat met soveel vrees en angs worstel oor die vraag of hy ooit weer sy ouers gaan sien, in daardie stadium gerus?

    In Augustus 2016 het die gemeenskap hulle genoodsaak gevoel om druk op NG WELSYN te plaas om ondersoek in te stel na ʼn gesin oor wie almal bekommerd was. Sewe (7) kinders is in die proses van daardie twee ouers verwyder. As ʼn m ...

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    Soos ’n blom na die son draai

    Soos van Gogh twee skilderye oor die sonneblom gemaak het, het ook Elisabeth Eybers twee gedigte oor sonneblomme gedig.

    Juis hierdie gedigte was vir my ’n inspirasie vir Kerstyd 2016.

    Ek beleef hier kort voor Kersfees of die meeste mense tans in ’n donker seisoen leef. Die tweede gedig waarna ek wil verwys is Elisabeth Eybers se aandskemering, die smoorgewas, wat elke tingerplant verteer. So was dit ook met die eerste Kersfees.

    Die profeet Jesaja het voorspel: Die volk wat in die donkerte leef het ’n groot lig gesien. Dit is ook met ...

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    As Van Gogh made two paintings of the sunflower, Elisabeth Eybers, a renowned Afrikaans poet, also wrote two poems on sunflowers.

    Specifically these poems were an inspiration to me for Christmas 2016.

    I find that most people currently live in a dark season prior to Christmas. The second poem of Elisabeth Eybers refers to the evening twilight, (and) the stifle plant that consumes each fragile plant. So it also was on the first Christmas.

    The prophet Isaiah predicted: The people that live in darkness saw a great light.

    It is also true for Christmas 2016.

    Jesu ...

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    Aunt Bokkie and uncle Frans were married on 25 November 2016 in a festival manner in NG Welfare's Koster Home for the Elderly. Everyone ate, danced and socialised merrily! Life has taken its turns with them both. Both have been living in the home for the past six months. Aunt Bokkie's children have immigrated and so could not accompany them. During this period she turned blind. Uncle Frans led a vagabond-like life prior to finding a hollow for his foot here. We wish them everything of the best for their future together!


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    A story of hope told by a social worker:

    Sonja is a young lady who is now 25 years old. I have known her for the past six years. Her father is well-known and widely respected in the community. He is also in a position of power.Her parents had a very unhappy marriage and they divorced. The father remarried and Sonja remained with her mother. This lady unfortunately passed away and the child went to live with her father and his new wife. The father has huge problems with anger management, violence and jealousy. This all exacerbates when he uses alcohol.

    Son ...

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    Dear Highly Appreciated NG Welfare personnel

    Shortly before Christmas most of us feel as if we are leaving behind a very dark year behind us. As you indeed know, we live in a very dark country. Perhaps it was for you, as Elisabeth Eybers says, a time of evening twilight, the stifle plant, that consumes each fragile plant. But so it also was on the first Christmas.

    Isaiah predicted: The people that live in darkness saw a huge light. It is also true for Christmas 2016.

    Jesus has entered our darkness. He was God's self-sown sunflower who was, in spite of the darkness, ...

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    Liewe hoogsgewaardeerde NG Welsyn personeel

    Hier kort voor Kersfees voel dit vir die meeste van ons of ons ’n baie donker jaar agter die rug het. Immers, ons woon in ’n baie donker land. Dalk was dit vir jou, soos Elisabeth Eybers sê, ’n tyd van aandskemering, die smoorgewas, wat elke tinger plant verteer. Maar so was dit ook met die eerste Kersfees.

    Jesaja het voorspel: Die volk wat in die donkerte leef het ’n groot lig gesien.

    Dit is ook met Kersfees 2016 waar.

    Jesus, God uit God en Lig uit Lig, het ons duisternis betree. Hy was God se opslagsonneblom w ...

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    Ons wil gemeentes en individue aanmoedig om hierdie jaar rondom Kersfees ‘n spesiale bydrae aan Beeld Kinderfonds te maak. Die fondse word aangewend vir spesiale projekte van NG Welsyn. Dit sluit in terapeutiese dienste vir kinders in ons Kinderbeskermingsprogramme, opheffingsprojekte in ons Gemeenskapwerkprogramme asook spesiaal vir die 345 kinders wat in die Catherine Robson Kinder- en Jeugsorgsentrum in Vereeniging en die Abraham Kriel Kinder- en Jeugsorgsentrum in Potchefstroom opgeneem is.

    Hoe werk Beeld Kinderfonds?

    Alle bydraes van lidmate moet deur die gemeentes ...

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    Another sustainable project by Emanang Nokeng, Community Work Division of NG Welfare, taking care of vulnerable children. Thank you to our dedicated personnel and volunteers!

    For more information click here:


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    Discharged from the hospital and no livelihood, no family and no home to go back to... Uncle Sampie Barnard had to ask someone outside the hospital gate for a place for him to stay, although his wounds and stitches were still raw and hurt after his leg was amputated above the knee. Pastor Deon van Zyl of the AGS Church in Koster approached NG Welfare Koster Home for the Aged and they went to fetch him. 'He has been living with us for the past year and is healthy, happy and very grateful,' said Adelle Venter, manager. He wanted to do something tangible to say thank you to his 'home family.' ...

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    After several warnings, I as a young social worker had to do the horrible task ... removal!

    I remember the tears in the parents' eyes, the anxious look on their faces, the pain and the non-verbal pleading for 'only one more chance'

    I remember how my colleague tried to reassure the boy in the car, rocking him to sleep.

    His eyes were wild, like my heartbeat.

    My first removal.

    At the shelter, I saw for the first time, the pain those little blue eyes carried.

    Dirty toes, burn marks, red buttocks.

    My heart feels better ... did I do the right thing, or no ...

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    NG Welsyn het verlede jaar 'n baie suksesvolle eerste wynveiling aangebied en maak vanjaar weer so!

    Baie dankie vir u ondersteuning, ons het groot waardering daarvoor.

    Hier is solank 'n voorsmaak van die eksklusiewe brandewyne, wyne en port wat beskikbaar gaan wees:

    • Gabriëlskloof Swartrivier Shiraz 2010 & 2011
    • Bergsig Port 1993 & 1995
    • Tokara brandewyn (net op landgoed beskikbaar)
    • KWV Reserve Mentor Shiraz 2012
    • Kanonkop Port (glad nie in die handel beskikbaar, eienaar maak dit slegs vir eie gebruik)
    • Kanonkop Pinotage 2006
    • Annandale Shi ...

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    Perhaps one should rather say: How cancer changed my life …

    To me, it feels as if 2016 started at an awfully fast speed.

    I felt the lump in my breast while I was still with my children in New Zeeland – told them nothing about it.

    Immediately after having reached RSA, I arranged for a Mammogram. It was for the Friday – I knew something was wrong.

    Next, the radiographer simply told me to urgently call my doctor because he needed to arrange an appointment for me with a surgeon. I did so, and my doctor’s body language confirmed my assumption. He also told me not to try ...

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    How shall I introduce myself to you?

    Nico van Rensburg was born in the same room as his mother on his grandfather’s farm DE NOVO on 19 November 1953. My mother simply named me after all of the family. From the van Rensburg side my grandfather and both my great-grandfathers were Nicolaas. My grandfather Bokelmann and his father were Wilhelm. And my other great-grandfather was Johann Ramsauer. On 1 December 1953, the first day I came outside the house, I was christened in the German Church in Phillipi.

    I was an eldest grandchild and my godmother was childless. She called me ...

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    What can you do?

    * Collect 67 cans of non-perishable food and go and drop it off at one of our welfare offices so that we can make up emergency parcels for people who go hungry especially in winter.

    * Collect 67 Care packs for a baby, toddler, teenager or an elderly person

    * Go and spend 67 minutes to visit a lonely grandmother or grandfather in the nearest home for the aged. Take along something sweet or a magazine.

    * Arrange with your friends to help in baking muffins and take it to the social workers at your nearest welfare office.

    * Sponsor 67 nappies fo ...

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    On Friday 10 June 2016 Fochville Social Services presented an exceptionally successful Renaissance Tea. The theme for the day was ‘Walk in Jesus’ Footsteps.’ The Women groups of the two NG Churches in Fochville laid the tables and provided the refreshments.

    Several businesses, community members, the Vroue Landbou-Unie, Hebron Renaissance Project (Potchefstroom) and the other community members attended the morning's proceedings.

    Greta le Roux, founder of Hebron Revival Project in Potchefstroom, acted as guest speaker as well as Mr Hendrik Venter, local social worker. The topic ...

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    Brand Pretorius, manager of Wolmaransstad Home relates: 'We noticed that some of the residents have a need for caring for a pet; hence we decided on putting up a bird cage.

    There are two cages – one with lovebirds in it and one with little doves and smaller little quails in it. Mr Gerrit Schutte, a member of the advisory board, donated a cage with budgies in it. We built a road right around the cage so that it is also accessible to wheelchairs. The local VLU (Vroue Landbou Unie) ladies donated a bench and a table en chairs. The residents really enjoy it thorough to go and sit there a ...

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    The Go Huge Festival (Gaan Groot Fees), held earlier this year in Koster, on 22 and 23 April, was genuinely HUGE. There were stalls out of this world. Artists such as Juan Boucher, Ray Dylan and Shotgun Sunday made music roar across the plains something of everything. Amongst others, there was a fun park that made many people yell out of sheer pleasure. “We wish to thank all our donors, and staff who had made the festival to be a success,” said Adelle Venter, manager of Koster Home for the Elderly. “The Home raised an amount of R44 000 and we are extremely thankful.”


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    Photo and article: Susan Cilliers (Beeld).

    Five adults from one family once again appeared in the Magistrate’s Court in Zeerust, North West, on Friday because they allegedly molested all three children in the family and neglected them badly.

    The children’s parents and grandmother are accused of a large number of misdemeanors connected to the alleged sexual abuse and rape of the two elder children, as well as serious neglect of all three the children. The two elder children were allegedly forced to commit sexual deeds with them.

    The children’s cousin (19) is up for trial o ...

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    Donors such as Delareyville Super Meat Butchery warm our hearts on a cold winter morning. They recently, on their own initiative, presented a very successful local golf day. This first golf day success was in aid of NG Welfare’s Home for the Aged. And of all things with an ox as first prize! Fltr are: Rassie Erasmus (Club President) and Gerrie van Rooyen (Home Manager) along with Graca and Ramos, owners of Delareyville Super Meat. The funds will cover the cost of essential renovation work to the reception hall, lounge floor and passage walls. Many thanks!


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    A farewell function was held for Rev Anton Mocke at NG Congregation Helikonpark on 18 May. Rev Anton Mocke retired after 10 years as Managing Director of NG Welfare North-West and as Reverend in the Ministry of Caring. Several members of staff of NG Welfare, friends, family and representative of the Western Transvaal Synod attended the function.

    Rev Nico van Rensburg (Minister Synod Services Western Transvaal Synod and acting Managing Director of NG Welfare), Rev Norma Rossouw (moderator: Western Transvaal Synod), Rev Anton Mocke and his wi ...

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    Tekkie Tax – doing your bit in a fun way!

    We cannot all leave our jobs and go and work at a welfare organisation full time. ‎Tekkie Tax‬ is a way of still doing your bit and making a difference in a fun and creative way. This National Fundraising campaign has raised R13,7 million thus far (excluding this year’s campaign!) and we can assure you that each cent was used in the best possible manner. We are waiting in suspense concerning the amount raised this year, and will let you know early in November.

    Your ‪‎Tekkie Tax‬ donations this year will enable us to support more famili ...

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    Focus on elderly abuse

    They took her pension money each month, she was slapped in the face by her own son, she was left alone all day and is not allowed to receive visitors. Her last bath was two weeks ago, because she cannot do it herself… NG Welfare joins the rest of the world today in drawing attention to elder abuse and to break the silence. It can be financial abuse or exploitation, emotional or psychological abuse, and physical abuse. Feelings of shame can often keep elder abuse hidden. You may not want to believe a family member could be capable of abusing a loved one, or you m ...

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    On 11 April it was World Parkinson’s Day. Parkinson’s disease is a brain defect which gradually makes you lose muscle control. However, Thinus and uncle KP are examples of persons at NG Welfare that still lead a full life.

    Thinus Jooste (55) is the handyman at Jeugland Home for the Elderly in Vanderbijlpark. He was already diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003. Thinus underwent a DPS (Deep Brain Stimulatory) operation and his quality of life has improved ever since. This operation stimulates the brain so that the trembling subsides. Thinus has already been working at Jeugland for a year ...

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    NG Welfare is the registered welfare organisation of the Dutch Reformed Church in the North West Province and in the Vaal and West Rand regions of Gauteng. We render services to all people, regardless of race, creed or gender.
    We have branches in North West and Gauteng.


    The church’s earliest aid was predominantly targeted as poverty alleviation by means of the provision of food, clothing and shelter. Over the years, since establishment in 1937 as “Randse Armsorgraad” (Rand Poverty Alleviation Council), the service developed into a full generic social work service. ...

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    NG Welsyn het verlede jaar 'n baie suksesvolle eerste wynveiling aangebied en maak vanjaar weer so!

    Baie dankie vir u ondersteuning, ons het groot waardering daarvoor.

    Hier is solank 'n voorsmaak van die eksklusiewe brandewyne, wyne en port wat beskikbaar gaan wees:

    Ander uitsoekwyne, brandewyne en port:

    • Gabriëlskloof Swartrivier Shiraz 2010 & 2011
    • Bergsig Port 1993 & 1995
    • Tokara brandewyn (net op landgoed beskik ...

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    Schalk Hoon, manager at the Klerksdorp Home, will be going on pension at the end of this month. He greets with the following message:

    “During July 2008 I saw a small advertisement in Rapport that read: “Manager for the Home for the Aged in Wolmaransstad.” As a pensioned bank manager I applied and was invited for an interview in Wolmaransstad. A few weeks later, on 18/8/2008, I reported as manager. It is now 7 and a half years later in the service of HG Welfare and what an experience this was! After approximately 4 years in Wolmaransstad I was transferred to Klerksdorp, where I will r ...

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    National Tekkie Tax Day has been part of the South African calendar for 3 years and we will be celebrating it on Friday 27 May this year. The campaign gives you the choice to show with your feet where your heart lies. Choose your sticker for a concern near to your heart, decorate your tekkies with a pair of daring Tekkie laces and hey : you are set for National Tekkie Tax Day!

    Of course we can all join in on the Tekkie Tax entertainment!

    Please contact your nearest NG Welfare office for more details or send an email to ...

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    Wolmaransstad Home for the Elderly one of NG Welfare’s nine homes where older persons are cared for with love and compassion. Uncle Rossie (formerly a school headmaster) and Aunt Kaaitjie Rossouw have been married the past 63 years. They have made Wolmaransstad Home for the aged their retirement home and are very happy. It is one of NG Welfare’s9 homes for the elderly. “We live in a spacious, sunny room with our own bathroom and we are cared for very nicely.” On the other photo Uncle Neels du Plessis and Piet Nieuwenhuizen enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and cake donated to the Home by the loc ...

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    We are extremely excited about our first e-newsletter to all our friends. If you receive this newsletter today, it means you are on the list of NG Welfare friends at one of our 27 branches, be it a family care office, home for the elderly or child and youth care centre. We will be sending an email loaded news quarterly, with video inserts as well as news and anecdotes of what happens at branches, as well as where you as a friend of NG Welfare can become even more involved to touch lives.

    At NG Welfare we bring hope to people in need.

    Our offices and facilities are centres of hope. ...

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    Schalk Hoon, bestuurder by Klerksdorp Tehuis, tree einde vandeesmaand af. Hy groet met die volgende boodskap:

    'Gedurende Julie 2008 sien ek ʼn klein advertensie in Rapport wat lees: ' Bestuurder vir Tehuis vir bejaardes in Wolmaransstad.' As afgetrede bankbestuurder doen ek aansoek en word ek genooi vir 'n onderhoud in Wolmaransstad. 'n Paar weke later op 18/8/2008 meld ek as bestuurder aan. Dit is nou 7 en 'n half jaar later in diens van NG Welsyn en wat 'n ondervinding was dit nie! Na ongeveer 4 jaar in Wolmaransstad is ek na Klerksdorp verplaas, waar ek na drie en 'n half jaar teen ...

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    07:30: Arriving at the office on Monday at 07:30 there is a staff meeting to be attended. Coordination of tasks is important to survive another hectic week. Back in my office at 08:30 I check my email. There is a Form 9 from court. With this form, the court ordered me to investigate a case of alleged child abuse. I have to contact the school and arrange a meeting to interview the child.

    08:30: I stop at the school on my way to do some scheduled home visits. A tiny and very shy eight-year-old girl with fear in her eyes approaches me. It is a warm day, but I notice that she is wearing ...

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    Miskien het julle al dikwels so oor julle werk gedink. Maar dit was vir my opnuut 'n ongelooflike gedagte: Maatskaplike werkers verander die toekoms!!

    Jy wat daagliks stoei en veg vir die verandering in mense se lewens.

    Jy wat frustrasie en irritasie tot op die uiterste moet hanteer en verwerk,

    Jy wat moedeloos die handdoek wil ingooi en wil opgee omdat jyself en al jou moeite soms sinneloos vertrap word. Jy verander die toekoms! Jy maak nuwe moontlikhede oop.

    Jy trek die gordyne oop dat die son kan inkom. Jy help mense om die son te vang !

    Heel waarskynlik sal ...

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